Remote Control LAN Edition


Remotely connect to other computers in your local network


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If you have a local network, you'll probably have wondered at some point if it was be possible to access other computers on the network from your PC. The answer is yes, and this is one of the programs that allows you to do just that.

Remote Control LAN Edition is a remote control application for Windows that allows you to control other computers on the network directly from your own computer and in the easiest way possible.

You have a number of options to configure the display and the remote control options, to suite both your needs and those of your hardware.

The program supports full-screen viewing, disabling peripheral devices, and the removal of desktop backgrounds and visual effects on the remote machine.

Although it is an application aimed at network administrators, its use is so simple that anyone can benefit from it, which makes LAN Remote Control Edition a very appealing option indeed.

Trial period of 15 days.